The Mindful Sip - Three conscious reasons to consume organic Japanese green tea

High quality organic Japanese green tea is a testament to the beauty and brilliance of nature, and to the skilled and dedicated tea artisans who cultivate and craft it. This type of tea embodies the essence of purity, vibrancy, and authenticity, reflecting the natural environment in which it is grown, as well as the expertise and passion of those who produce it. It is a reminder that we need to be more mindful about our choices when it comes to tea consumption, specifically the green kind.

Here are three conscious reasons why:

1. Experiencing wonderment is kindred to living a healthier more meaningful life

Remaining open and curious about the wonders of the tea universe only serves to expand your heart and deepen your connection to the source of this beautiful offering. To understand the origins of the tea leaves, who the tea farmer is, the insights they share, to appreciate their techniques and admire that some farmers diligently pick the leaves by hand, to understand what they use in their fertiliser, the way they tend the soil to craft such exquisite tea, to acknowledge their tireless dedication to the work, and so on. There are so many stories of soul and wisdom nestled in the mountains and valleys of the esteemed tea-growing regions of Japan, stories that will sweep you up in the magic of the beauty of this artisanal culture. The teas are simply an extension of this poetry, a laboured love to produce notably, some of the best teas in the world.

2. Organic tea farming is artful, arduous and humbling work

For generations Japanese tea farmers have passed on their agricultural knowledge and farming techniques, contributing to and sustaining the ancient culture of tea production. These tea maker-masters are dedicated to the cause – keeping alive the traditional tea-making methods and ancient flavours of a tea culture that valued high quality tea leaves to produce the most extraordinary tea. And now more than ever, these agricultural stewards of land and soil are forging new paths to farm and produce consciously, in the most natural way possible, while continuing to make outstanding tea and foster the health of people and our planet. Their commitment to producing this way goes full circle. We're a global community, living and sharing this planet, so by making considered purchasing decisions when it comes to high quality Japanese green tea, we're supporting other like-minded global communities that champion organic and regenerative agriculture. It's like-for-like, a win-win.

3. Investing in the health of people and planet is momentous

Naturally, when you’re buying organic Japanese green tea, you’re investing in organic sustainable agriculture that works in harmony with nature and protects humans and the environment from harmful substances. These often independent growers/sellers are farming with an emphasis on biodiversity (sans chemicals) in their tea farms and are Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) Certified Organic (or are on their way to becoming so). Supporting these smaller, often family-run businesses that make expressive pure natural green tea is not only a more responsible ethical choice but a far more humanistic experience. Overall, you’re receiving a true representation of what tea should taste like when artfully farmed in tune with nature. Simply put, tea produced without the use of chemicals means healthy soil, healthy plants, ergo healthy people. So, it is important that we do all we can to try to keep the loop clean.

The next time you are about to purchase green tea, make it a mindful chemical-free organic choice. Take a moment to appreciate the dedication and effort that goes into its production. Moreover, let us recognise and honour the extraordinary natural world for its biological genius. The humble Camellia sinensis – a plant to be revered, embraced and thoroughly enjoyed.