Tsuki Teacup


The yunomi is a traditional style of Japanese teacup for daily tea drinking. Designed sans handle, they're the ideal cradling vessel for savouring the warmth and aroma of tea and essential to a tactile sensory drinking experience.

Traditionally cylindrical in form with a turned foot on the base, they've evolved into a variety of styles and diverse shapes throughout time. Used as a playful drinking vessel for anything from water to wine in Western culture, the yunomi still embodies and honours its noble origins as a cherished piece of pottery that is used, and loved, everyday for tea.

Perfectly imperfect, these petite moon-speckled teacups are beautiful to hold in your hands and lovingly handcrafted with heart.

75 mm W x 65 mm H


Prior to first use, soak under warm water to prevent tea stain or pigmentation of pottery. Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave. Hand rinse after use under warm water (no soap required) and dry thoroughly before storing.