About Us

The Wabi Tea experience is a journey into the tea universe. On this voyage we return to the roots of green tea culture in Japan to unearth the highest grade organic matcha and loose leaf green tea that exists.

Our mission is one of connection and collaboration with the artisan craftsmen and women, the tea maker-masters dedicated to the cause – keeping alive the traditional tea-making methods and ancient flavours of a tea culture that valued high quality tea leaves to produce the most extraordinary tea. And now more than ever, they are forging new paths to farm and produce in the most natural way possible.

A nod to the quintessential Japanese aesthetic, Wabi Tea products embody beauty in simple, honest, raw materials with Japanese minimalism at heart. Our teas taste like where they are from – pure, natural, earthy. Vibrant untainted green matter. A precious element to be revered and honoured, a gift from our great mother [earth]. 

Ultimately, a journey back to self, we're reshaping the traditional tea ceremony as a modern personal practice – a daily ritual designed to stimulate alignment of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body.

This is Japanese Tea Therapy.