We operate a conscious business with purity, beauty, utility and sustainability at the heart of our product experience.


Wabi Tea is organic all the way. We partner with small-scale, often family run farms in Japan dedicated to the farming and producing of extraordinary teas using sustainable, natural and Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) Certified Organic farming methods and practices. 


Our biophotonic glass jars are completely reusable with foil refill bags and labels that are 100% recyclable. All other packaging for distribution is also biodegradable and recyclable. And our artisanal tea ware products are designed to last.

An ode to nature

Tea sans chemicals means healthy soil, healthy plants, ergo healthy people. Subsequently, stone-ground whole green tea leaf (matcha) consumption equates to zero waste. And loose leaf tea goes back into compost and into the ground.


We endeavour to support the health and wellbeing of our beautiful community of tea enthusiasts by offering pure untainted certified organic green teas.