The beauty of a daily commune with tea

The beauty of a daily commune with tea

Communing with tea is a cherished practice that transcends mere consumption. It is an artful ritual, a meditative experience, and a sensory journey that allows us to connect with self, others, and the broader natural world around us in a profound way. 

Here are 9 ways we may find the beauty in communing with tea;

+ The ritual
Preparing and enjoying tea can be a ritualistic experience. It often involves carefully selected teaware, precise measurements, and a deliberate process of heating water to a certain temperature, pouring and time to steep leaves. These collective little rituals create a sense of order and mindful presence.

+ A tactile sensory experience
Tea engages all the senses. The sight of vivid green tea powder or tea leaves unfurling in hot water, the aroma that wafts up from the vessel, the warmth of the tea as you cradle it in your hands, and the nuanced flavours that dance on the palate all combine to create a tactile multi-sensory experience.

+ A meditative technique to develop a grounding mindfulness practice 
Communing with tea encourages mindfulness. As you sip, you're encouraged to be fully present in the moment, paying attention to the sensations, the flavours and the stillness of it all. It's an escape from the mental load and demands of daily life and can help cultivate a sense of calm and relaxation.

+ Cultural knowledge and appreciation
Different cultures have their own tea traditions, each with unique ceremonies and customs. Exploring these traditions can deepen our understanding and appreciation for other cultures of the world, where tea is universal and transcends all barriers.

+ Social connection
Tea brings people together. To connect and share tea with friends or family can facilitate conversations, deepen relationships, and create lasting memories.

+ Wild health benefits
Beyond its sensory pleasures, tea was historically used as a medicine and associated with the calm, slow, contemplative and considered. And to this day known for its numerous evidence-based health benefits. Whether it's the high antioxidants or calming effects of L-theanine in green tea, there's often a sense of wellbeing that derives from communing with tea.

+ Self expression, creative flow and reflection
For many, tea is a companion for creative pursuits, introspection, or even problem-solving. It can be a source of inspiration, encouraging deep thought and reflection.

+ Variety and exploration
The universe of tea is a wild experience of countless varieties, blends, and flavours to explore. Trying different cultivars and varietals of teas allows you to embark on a journey of pleasure.

+ Timelessness
The act of communing with tea has a timeless quality. It connects us to generations past who also found solace, pleasure, and meaning in the simple act of brewing and savouring a cup of tea.

In essence, communing with tea is about finding beauty and meaning in our daily routine. It reminds us to embrace the slow, to bring intention to our everyday habits and, a beautiful companion to a daily meditation practice.